Dooliner Hamper with Hoodie

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This is a real gift from the wild west cost of Clare. Choose the Dooliner Hamper with six bottles of our Dooliner Lager, a stylish Dooliner hoody and our Dooliner beer glass.

Craft brewed by O’Hara’s for Hotel Doolin, Dooliner Lager is a traditional helles style lager with a unique bite that differentiates it from tasteless main stream lagers. The lager is hopped several times and conditioned for longer to allow the unique flavours to develop which results in a malty body, a well-balanced blend of textures, aromas and flavours and a clean intense bitterness. 

The warm and cosy Dooliner Hoodie comes in a khaki with orange Dooliner logos or grey with blue Dooliner logos. Styling while sipping on Dooliner beers…what more could you ask for!

Shipping: This product cannot be shipped outside the Republic of Ireland.